It is crucial that equipment be appropriately set up to ensure maximum consistency among surveys and to facilitate gear replacement where/when necessary. Key components for a pelagic BRUV are listed in Table 6.2.

Equipment configurations can vary among terrains, bathomes and as a function of study objectives (Figure 6.1). For instance, Santana-Garcon et al. (2014b)’s design is remarkably stable compared to Letessier et al. (2013b) but is constrained by the need to moor, which Bouchet & Meeuwig (2015)’s design bypasses. Likewise, bait arm length is usually variable, and may be reduced under turbid conditions to optimise species identification capacity.

Table 6.2: Example packing list. The list reflects the equipment needed to deploy pelagic BRUVs in an adaptation of Bouchet and Meeuwig (2015)’s protocol, whereby 3-5 camera units are tethered to each other on a longline (ca. 250 m) and drift with prevailing currents.

Item description Quantity
BRUV units
Rig frames As required
Rig uprights + lynch pins (stainless steel ~ 5cm) + shackles 1 / rig + spares
Bait arms (stainless steel, 1.8m) 1 / rig + spares
Dumbbells (rubberised 2.5kg) 2 / rig + spares
Bait canisters (PVC tubes ~ 50cm) 1 / rig + spares
Rope (8mm or thicker – silver rope preferable for hauling) 1 / longline
Rubber rope bin 10m / rig / flag buoy + 200m / longline + spare
Double action clips (stainless steel ~10cm) 2 / rig + spares
Shark clips for bait arms (~10cm) + longlines (~7cm) 2 / rig + 1 / longline + spares
Buoys (orange, soft plastic, approx. 300mm x 400mm) 3 / rig
Sub-surface buoys 1-2 / rig
Flag buoys 1 / longline
Bait (pilchards/mulies/bonito whole fish frozen) ~1kg / drop + spare
GPS loggers and VHF transmitter 4
Cameras (e.g. GoPro Hero 3+ Silver) 2 / rig / drop + spares
Camera battery extension packs (e.g. GoPro Battery BacPac) 1 / camera + spares
Spare internal camera batteries 10
Memory cards (e.g. micro SD 64GB) 1 / camera + spares
Camera housings 2 / rig +spares
Laptops (HP Probook 450 G2 + power cable) 2
Hard drives (2TB Seagate portable hard drives) ~1 / 100 hours of footage + spares
Magnadoodle / slate / white board and marker / pen and paper (metadata recording) 1
Power adapters + power boards ~4
USB hubs 8
USB2 cables 50
SD card adapters 3
Clipboard 1
Waterproof paper (for datasheets) + pencils 1 ream + 1 box
Handheld GPS 1
Toolbox 1
Socket set 1
Power drill and charger (battery operated) 1
Hot knife (for cutting and sealing rope) 1
Gloves (full fingered sailing gloves for hauling) 1 pair / person
Safety boots 1 pair / person
Air compressor hose and nozzle 1
Tupperware tubs (to store cameras in the field) 2 boxes
Dry bag (to store cameras in wet conditions) 1
Nuts and bolts (Phillips head stainless steel bolts with nylon locking nuts 3/16” x 25mm) 2 / rig + spares
Screwdriver set (assorted flathead and Phillips head) 1
Hex (Allen) key set 1
Wrench set (150mm, 200mm and 250mm adjustable) 1
Spanner set (14mm and 10mm for BRUVS) 1
Wire cutters 1
Cable ties (assorted, for repairs etc.) 500
Packing tape (e.g. duct tape) 10 rolls
Plastic packing film 1 large roll
Laminated packing labels (premade for shipping out and back) 3 / item